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1409561707745  Lupus is a illness that is in a constant state of flux.  There are times when the symptoms are mild and manageable and in an instant, can change leaving the patient in bed and barely able to care for themselves or in our lupie mom’s cases, their children.  Getting insurance to cover in-home care in most cases is a difficult process of requests, waiting periods, denials, appeals etc.  This leaves Lupus patients in a precarious position.  When a flare slams a patient, there is very little warning to make preparations for assistance.  Hiring outside help is an option, but between medicines, doctors, therapies, etc., that may not be an option on a disabled person’s income.  The Charm Foundation does not believe that any human being should be left to suffer alone and abandoned and in danger without assistance because of their inability to pay.  We are looking for funding to provide assistance on a case by case basis at little to no cost based on the patient’s ability to pay.  Please contact Tina.armitage@charmfoundation.org if you would like to sponsor this program or go to our donation page to make a one time donation.

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      Please send me an email at tina.armitage@charmfoundation.org with your complete contact information (legal name, address, telephone number, current employer or disability status, age, monthly income and any assistance already being received and we can see if we can get you into any programs that can assist you if you are eligible. Someone will contact you after your email is reviewed.

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