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Currently, the Charm Foundation is partnering with 23 and me which is a research company examining genetic information obtained from lupus patients to determine who will develop lupus and why, and whether approaching treatment using genetics will provide better treatments for lupus.

23 and me has partnered with Pfizer who also believes genetic data can play a critical role in shaping research for lupus.  The more they know about a lupus patient’s genetics, the better they can anticipate how they will respond to treatment.  Participation by lupus patients can provide insight as to why some people are more likely to get lupus, what triggers symptoms and why some people respond differently than others to treatment.

The end goal is to find a better way to treat lupus through genetics.  This study is the largest genetics study in the world for lupus and The Charm Foundation strongly encourages ALL patients to participate.  The study takes a total of about 90 minutes, you never have to leave your home and your identity is not part of the study.  All you have to do is sign up, spit in a test tube and answer a few question… easy peasy, and your genes may help researchers find the answers they need to find better treatments or a cure for lupus.  Please log on to to be part of this exciting study.

Another great site to find clinical trials in your area is  Right now in Vegas they are doing Lupus medication Phase 3 trials.  Please log on to find trials in your area.

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