Glass dropper filled with herbal essence, aromatherapy oil, homeopathic medicine, or other liquid.


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  The Charm Foundation is currently looking for funding in order to provide patient’s access to alternative treatments not covered by insurance.  Many of these alternative treatments are very successful in the treatment of lupus symptoms, but unfortunately, a large portion of our disabled patients are denied these treatments because of their inability to pay.  This should never happen to people that worked all their lives, paid for long term disability and are categorized as disabled by the United States Government.  The Charm Foundation believes that all citizens of the United States should never ever be denied any treatment because of their inability to pay, so we would like to provide these treatments for them at little or no charge depending on their ability to pay.  Please donate now so that no patient should have to suffer because they could no longer work due to lupus.  These alternative therapies could actually help some of them to the point of being able to resume their normal activities and careers, so please help get our patients healthy again.

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